WorkClever Career Coach – The Flexible Working Specialist

Unique career coaching tailored to women who work full-time, part-time or flexibly AND want better, more fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Q. Are you looking for your next job but can’t find anything offering any flexibility? Do you want to move on in your career, but feel trapped into staying put because you don’t want to lose your valuable flexible or part-time working arrangement? Have you given up work entirely due to a lack of decent flexible jobs?

I get it! You look for a new job that offers flexible working or part-time hours. You feel frustrated by the lack of flexi or part-time jobs advertised that offer any appeal to you whatsoever. Every job you think might be interesting or you KNOW you could do well at, is advertised as full-time. You can end up feeling totally stuck in your job, or you give up on work entirely because you can’t find anything that offers any flex or allows you the critical time at home you need for your family.

In the end you feel like you have to make a choice; a great life OR a great career

You don’t have to make this choice – you can have both. The WorkClever way will help you to discover great jobs AND keep your flexible or part-time working arrangement.

I am a registered, professional career coach and mum of two and love to help women who may be feeling stuck, often at the point when they are seeking their next job or returning to work after a break or maternity leave, but find it challenging due to needing some flexibility. I will help you to develop a new, powerful job search approach through personal career coaching and practical and effective job seeking techniques to gain more satisfying jobs and achieve your career aspirations.

Do you want to move on, up or out of your job to progress your career or change jobs to something more satisfying, in line with your interests, skills and values, but find it difficult because of the flexibility you need?

You may have returned back to work only to find that you are not happy, but feel your job choices are limited whist you need part-time or flexibility. You may be ready to return back to work after a career break or maternity leave – but find the barriers to getting a new decent, flexible job overwhelming. You may think you have fewer career options to move on than those who work full-time. You are not alone and there is a way forward.

I will help you breakthrough your flexi and part-time career barriers and get you where you want to be at work or in your career – but most importantly show you how to keep hold of the flexibility you vitally need for your parenting or caring responsibilities.

Discover how I can help you find a better job AND keep your flexi or part-time career on track.

Flexible and part-time work does not mean the end of your career – get in touch, get on track and feel great about work