I had a few sessions with Zoe, she really went above and beyond to help me, and because of her I gained back a lot of self confidence that had been lacking.

WorkClever Coaching Client

WorkClever Career Coaching and Zoe recently assisted me in making sure my CV was up to date and adhering to current trends. Zoe made sure that the start I made on my application put me in a position as a prime candidate. I would certainly utilise Zoe’s knowledge and experience again whilst also recommending her to others for their benefit.

David D.

WorkClever has continuously helped me progress throughout the beginning of my career. Zoe, has helped me to gain confidence in preparation for interviews. To help me to understand what the employer is looking for, which has enabled me to be employable. I have been successful in every application that WorkClever has supported me in and this led to being a successful applicant. I will continue to seek advice to ensure I am a successful applicant in future employment with WorkClever. I would recommend this service to anyone that wants to achieve and succeed 🍾

Jess H.

After having one career’s coaching session with Zoe I have become enlightened in so many future options in my studies and career. It has enabled me to have an unbiased assessment of my current position and where I can move forward in the future- which best fits myself and my ability. With a friendly and productive environment compared to other educational and career professionals I felt as though I was truly gaining the most out of my time with her. Not only was I able to be given her fantastic guidance to help me advance, but shown my own tools and websites to facilitate my interests and queries in my educational and career options. I would definitely come back to Zoe if I ever needed any career’s coaching advice in the future.

Holly W.