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A little bit about me and why I do what I do..

My name is Zoe Hendricks and I am a masters qualified Career Coach, listed on the UK Register of Career Development Practitioners with the Career Development Institute. I work with women to help them to move on, up or out of their current work situation and break through their personal and career barriers to find their career happy. My goal is to help my clients to feel great about work again. I am also not afraid to take on clients with more tricky work situations and can offer specialist advice on flexible working, which may appeal to people who want to progress their career but looking for more flexible or part-time careers to fit around other life commitments, such as parenting, caring, second careers, pre-retirement or disability challenges.

As a fellow parent, I believe women who need to blend career with family or other commitments and need flexibility at work can sometimes experience a tough time in the workplace and may often feel sidelined for career opportunities because they are unable to commit to full-time work. Of course, flexible and part-time workers remain as skilled, talented and able as ever and want meaningful, fulfilling careers. But often find themselves in unsatisfying career situations, perhaps feeling overworked, undervalued and sometimes so grateful to be given any flexibility – rewarding careers can become a distant memory. I believe women working flexibly should be rewarded with great career support and empowerment, regardless of the hours they work – and have access to the type of career coaching services that are largely offered only to those able to work full-time.

I work with women who have no choice but to navigate the difficult terrain of balancing work with home life – to gain much deserved job satisfaction and career success.

Zoe Hendricks (RCDP MCDI, MA CEd & C)

I am also mum to two boys and for the last 17 years have maintained and developed my own career through successful navigation and negotiation of the flexible working landscape. I have worked in organisations leading recruitment, training and coaching initiatives and designed flexible recruitment strategies to attract and keep good people in companies. I have experienced both sides of the coin.

I am an advocate for the ‘working mum’ and spent three years whilst my children were small running a recruitment service that encouraged employers to recruit more flexibly to attract a talent pool of women into better, career-aligned jobs – specifically those who had been working below their capability or who had dropped out of the labour market entirely due to the difficulties in finding decent work providing any flexibility.

Along the way I learned effective approaches to overcome the challenges of managing a career alongside the need for flexibility and tools and strategies to secure great jobs on a more flexible working basis. I want to share this knowledge with women who work flexibly or part-time, who can often feel overwhelmed by the lack of choice they face in their career and help those who have taken career breaks back into flexible jobs they love.

Flexible and part-time work does not mean the end of your career – get in touch, get on track and feel great about work