About… WorkClever Career Coaching

At WorkClever Careers we help people to solve their work dilemmas, through qualified and professional career coaching and development services. 

My name is Zoe Hendricks and I am the Founder and Lead Coach at WorkClever Careers. I am a Masters qualified career coach and listed on the UK Register of Career Development Practitioners with the Career Development Institute. In my role at WorkClever, I bring together my career development qualifications and professional practice registration with over 25 years of experience within coaching, recruitment and training. At WorkClever we have a talented network of Associate Career Coaches who help people from all walks of life to find satisfaction, fulfilment and reward in their working life.

Zoe Hendricks, Master Career Coach and Founder of WorkClever Careers

I launched WorkClever Careers because I have seen time and again so many people who feel miserable in their job. Life is far too short to spend precious time each day in work that makes you unhappy. I believe that positive career change can happen for anyone and see this over and again through the work I do. I absolutely love to see the transformation my clients make when they breakthrough and overcome their work dilemma to find a new way forward and feel great about their work. 

I also work in schools, college and universities delivering careers information, advice and guidance and teach careers education to young people in secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges. I am an associate of the International Centre for Guidance Studies at the University of Derby and provide guest lectures at the University to careers education and coaching postgraduate and masters students.  

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