Career Advice

The Pitfalls of Poor Career Advice

Bad career advice can be disastrous when it comes to making well informed career decisions. You may find yourself asking Google.. the four million answers to your question is less than helpful.. Or maybe you have a chat to the people around you at home or work.. This is OK, but your friends and family probably have differing opinions on what you should do next. So, not only can you end up more confused, but worse still, rely on opinions of the people around you. Of course, those people will naturally have their own personal experiences which can cloud well intended advice. Furthermore, those opinions may not help you to make good career decisions for YOU.

If you are considering what’s next for you in your career, or want to solve a work dilemma, then getting quality career advice is crucial.

What Is Good Career Advice?

Talking with an independent career development professional for one to one career advice will help. You will be given space, knowledge and professional enquiry you will need to focus on career options meaningful to you. Good career advice puts you in a strong position. Subsequently, you create an effective and workable plan of action to move forward. This plan is centred entirely around your personal work needs and career goals.

We can tell you the best career advice will open up new horizons of choice, thinking and opportunity. Identify your ideal career options through a professional career assessment of preferences, skills, experience, interests and values. Then work alongside your career coach to link them in meaningful way to your life and career needs. This means that you can take the right action for you, based on your true wants, needs and ambitions.     

How do I know if my career coach is qualified?

Our career coaches are qualified Career Development Professionals and registered with the Career Development Institute (CDI). The CDI is the UK’s industry body for professionals working in career advice, education, information, guidance and coaching. Our CDI registered career coaches work to a code of conduct. This ensures we uphold a duty of care to connect, engage and support you in a confidential and trustworthy manner. Registered career coaches must undertake continuing professional development to remain competent and always at the top of their game.

Read the CDI Code of Ethics here