Job Hunting & CV

Job Hunting Strategies

Our professional and qualified career coaches are skilled and experienced in job hunting and will help you target and refine your job search. Helping you cut straight through the noise and get to the job you want faster. Did you know that around 60% of all jobs go unadvertised? Let us show you how to tap into this hidden jobs market. Discover more work opportunities than you even knew. Our career coaches work daily with clients on their job hunt and have developed a powerful working knowledge of the best job search sites and how to quickly and effectively conduct your online job search.

We know that searching for a new job can feel time consuming and frustrating. It doesn’t have to be this way. A simple trawl through the latest job ads online is no longer the best approach to finding the perfect job. We will help you to work clever and start your job hunt with a clear, structured and targeted job search plan. Naturally, this will go a long way to getting you the job you really want and likely to get you there a lot sooner. In fact, we will bring to you the most current and powerful job hunting tips. Be in-the-know, so you can reach the ideal job opportunities for you.

CV Help – What to include in a CV..

Google it.. and you’ll find a hot mess of info about how to put together a CV. Conflicting facts about what to include.. and what not to? What’s the best layout for a CV? The (often ill- informed) advice is endless. With this in mind, where do you start? You should be using your CV to market your strengths, in alignment with the career opportunity you are targeting. Phew.. this certainly can be an art and a science in itself.

In essence, whilst you are actively job hunting your CV has ONE job to do – get you the interview! After all, you want to make sure your application ends up in the recruiters ‘yes’ pile.. am I right? So give yourself the very best chance to boost your job hunting. Let us take your CV stress away.

Essentially, we provide you with the most current CV advice and guidance. For the simple reason, to ensure your CV is meeting the demands of an ever changing jobs market. Streamline and update your current CV or start all over again from scratch. Getting it right with a professional in the first instance, means CV fearlessness. You know you have got it bang on each and every time you apply for a job.

The best CV comes from your head and your heart, not an out of date freebie CV template