Career Coaching for part-time and flexible working

It is often the case that achieving flexible or part-time employment is more straightforward – when you have already worked full-time in an organisation first, before requesting flexible working. But what happens when you are ready to move on, up or out of your flexible job? You can experience frustrating challenges at this point and often find a lack of decent jobs offering any form of flexibility – and may choose to remain in an unsatisfying job to keep hold of your valuable flexible working arrangement. We will help you through specialist career coaching for flexible working.

I know it can be frustrating that most employers do not advertise full-time jobs with any flexible options, but in reality many are happy to consider candidates who need flexibility. Taking a different approach to how you seek and apply for jobs, positioning yourself favourably to potential employers through your CV, social media profile, application process and job interview can make all the difference to bagging the ideal job which you dismissed as only open to full-time applicants.

Some flexible working dilemmas we provide career coaching, advice and guidance for..

“I feel stuck in my flexible or part-time job with nowhere to progress”

“I’d love a new job part-time or flexible job that uses my experience, but there is little advertised that it suitable”

“I want to develop a new career better suited to my skills and values, but can’t see a way forward to do this whilst I am unable to work full-time”

“I’m out of the jobs market at the minute and need to get back – but need something more flexible ”

“I am working below my capabilities just so I can have the flexibility I need to manage home life”

“I feel guilty for putting family first and feel I am letting go of my career”

“I love my job, but feel guilty for prioritising work, how can I create more time for my kids”

“I want to change my job but don’t know where to start”

Flexible and part-time work does not mean the end of your career – to find out more about career coaching for flexible working get in touch, get on track and feel great about work.