Career Coaching

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is the professional method, process and techniques used by a career coach in career conversations. Designed to help you move on, up or out of the career problem you face. This means you discover a clear and well informed direction to make progress that you feel really good about. Essentially, career coaching helps you gain clarity and make decisions about what you want to achieve. Subsequently, you break down your goals into practical, manageable chunks. And finally, and only when you have a crystal clear outlook – you link this in a meaningful way to your work and life goals. This means you feel ready and confident to take action and resolve your career dilemma.

Your career coach will work with you to help you overcome barriers. Step around obstacles that can prevent you from making positive life and career changes. Career coaching will provide you with a professional, safe and confidential space. Essentially, you get to develop your work and career ambition in a practical and non-judgemental setting.  

We are proud to tell you that WorkClever Career Coaches are qualified to postgraduate and masters level. All of our coaches are registered with the Career Development Institute (CDI), the UK’s professional body for career development practitioners. This means you get quality career coaching, advice and guidance with a professional you can trust and rely on.

Why do I need career coaching?

Perhaps you are wondering why people need career coaching? In all honesty, there are many reasons why people engage with a career coach. We see challenges and work issues that our clients experience which are wide and varied. However, to help you understand this better, here’s a little insight into the more common situations we help our clients with..

Feeling stuck

You might be feeling stuck or bored in your career and really want to make a change, but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you are ready to find a job that will bring you more satisfaction and reward. Career coaching will help you move on.

Feeling out of sync

You might be feeling fed up and out of sync with the organisation you are working for, or perhaps you are experiencing difficulties with the people you work with.

Ready for promotion

Looking for promotion, more money, or to take the next step up and feeling ready to fire up your career, but want some guidance and direction to ensure you can take on the challenge.

Getting knock backs

Are you job hunting and can’t quite get the opportunity you really want. Or your job search may not be going to plan and you are feeling despondent by the lack of opportunities that appeal to you.

Career inspiration

You may want to know how to change careers and looking for inspiration to spark ideas for careers that would suit you and you would enjoy.

CV stress

Your CV doesn’t seem to be working and you are not getting invited to the interviews that excite you. Or you may be getting the interview, but not receiving job offers.