Employee Career Coaching for Outplacement, Redundancy and Job Change

Career support for employees facing change and uncertainty 

WorkClever Career Coaching provide outplacement, job change and redundancy career coaching for organisations who wish to positively manage change for their employees during uncertain times. 

Workforce change or making redundancies can be one of the hardest processes for organisations to go through. 

Your employees may be coping with unexpected changes to their work situation through furlough, redundancy or illness. Your vulnerable employees in self isolation have no choice but to cut off from the safety of their colleagues and usual work environments. There is no doubt this is a worrying time for everyone, with many colleagues within your organisation likely to feel confused, uncertain or worried about what lies ahead.

For organisations who are making job cuts, the crippling decisions about who to let go and who to retain can leave the decision makers in your organisation feeling low and demotivated. Naturally, you know that individuals experiencing unplanned change to their work or those receiving redundancy are likely to experience problematic, possibly life changing events that may cause hardship and heartache. 

Retaining talent, managing employee wellbeing and planning for redundancies may be challenges that your organisation is currently faced with. We know this can be an incredibly difficult time for those leaving the business and the individuals who are tasked with making those decisions. You are not alone, there are many businesses currently experiencing these difficulties.

There is a way you can lighten the load for people affected in your organisation. The WorkClever Career Support Service enables you to offer an extra tier of support that provides individuals facing change, uncertainty or redundancy with a supportive, helping hand to positively manage the transition and find new ways through uncertain times. 

The WorkClever Career Coaching Support Service 

Each dedicated employee will receive a one-to-one video or telephone call with a professional, qualified and independent career coach.

Each call will include;

Qualified careers advice, information, practical support and guidance

Resolution of initial career challenges through solution focused coaching

Signposting to beneficial services and resources 

Wellbeing check 

This session aims to provide a friendly and independent listening ear, alongside professional career and job support to address early obstacles your employees may encounter during periods of change.  

Benefits to your organisation 

Protect your employer brand 

Truly support individuals facing job change, redundancy or uncertainty 

Demonstrate a caring and ethical approach to colleagues

Boost morale during difficult and challenging times

Support positive organisational culture

Follow up services and tailored career coaching or support service packages are available and can be designed in consultation to best meet the most appropriate needs of your organisation.   

For more information about how we can help your organisation to support your employees, email us at: careers@workclever.co.uk or call Zoe Hendricks on 07506 722813

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