Career coaching? Do I need it..?

“If you feel miserable about your work situation and unsure how you can move forward to feel happy about your working life again.. that’s where I make a difference..” Zoe Hendricks, Career Coach

Personal career coaching is just that.. personal to each individual. Every one of my clients has different challenges and goals and we work together uniquely to reflect that. And I know you might not need guidance around all of the things I talk about here.. However, this will give you a taste of how I help people like you achieve appealing, satisfying careers regardless of whether you want full-time, part-time or a flexible working career.

* Discover how to switch to a brand new career – something you’ve always wanted to do. Believe in your own ability, discover more about yourself and what YOU want from work and life – take back some control. I will give you professional advice and guidance to develop a new full-time, flexible or part-time career better suited to your skills, interests and values

* Get more interviews and job offers for jobs that excite and interest you. Look good when potential employers Google you – and they do! Get your CV and social media in shape and working hard for you to bag that interview. Be confident in your appeal to potential employers. I will give you professional career-boosting advice on interview techniques to secure your next great job, with a flexible working arrangement if you choose

*Help you to discover new career-boosting, full-time, flexible or part-time job opportunities by shifting your approach to job hunting

* Discover the surprising way to find decent full-time, flexible and part-time jobs in the ‘hidden’ jobs market. Avoid competition from other pesky candidates and reach great jobs before they are even advertised. Don’t ignore your career choices because you need some flex. Hand-pick your next career-boosting full-time, flexi or part-time job

* Master how to apply successfully for a job advertised as full-time but on your flexible terms.  Develop powerful job search and interview techniques. Get in the know and confident with how to negotiate for flexible working. Avoid putting employers off considering you for the job because you need some flex.  Become a serious candidate for employers – regardless of the hours you can work

* Become the number one candidate at work for that job you would love, but thought you couldn’t do because of your flexi arrangement. Get advice and guidance on how to progress career whilst working in a flexible or part-time arrangement. Know how to positively use your flexible working rights to boost your chances of promotion success.

*Feel great about putting your family first and making career choices that are right for your situation. Banish the guilt! Confidently make work and life choices that suit you. Be happy! Enjoy giving more time and head space to your family. Your career will not disappear when you make well informed and thought out choices to manage it on your terms

*Believe in yourself. See your amazing skills clearly again and own them. Being a parent can sometimes knock your self-confidence when it comes to work. Career progression can feel out of reach, you can stop noticing your value. Build confidence around own career potential

“Before I started working with Zoe, I was feeling quite low about my job prospects. I worked part-time to fit around school hours, but I was miserable, I didn’t enjoy the job. I tried looking for another job, but everything was full-time. My sessions with Zoe helped me to think about what I wanted and she helped me to explore opportunities I didn’t realise were open to me. I have now found a new job which I love. It was advertised as a full-time job, but Zoe showed me how to redesign my CV and develop an approach to applying that got me an interview – and to be considered on a more flexible basis. I worked with Zoe before my interview to sort out what I could say to put myself in the best light, to appeal to the employer and learned how to negotiate for the flexibility I needed. I got the job!” (A happy WorkClever client and mum to children aged 9, 7 & 3)

Flexible and part-time work does not mean the end of your career – get in touch, get on track and feel great about work