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Career Coach – Associate

Home based, Remote working, Flexible to suit

We are looking for a qualified career coach to work with adults to deliver career coaching/IAG/employability support on a one-to-one basis over the telephone. Our clients are private sector organisations that engage us to support their workforce. 

This opportunity might suit if you are looking for a top up to your existing work, or you may already be a self employed coach and wish to take on more clients. Right now, we are currently looking for someone to support overflow client work, which will be ad-hoc initially, with the potential to take on more clients, dependent on upcoming contract demand.  

Ideally, you will be a career coach who has an accredited career development qualification at level 6 or higher, but also open to level 4 or aspiring level 6’s and associated with, or willing to be associated with a professional body that enables you to work to a code of ethics and undertake regular CPD. If you are registered with the Career Development Institute, all the better.

You will join us as a Career Coach Associate on a self-employed basis, and will be working with clients remotely over telephone, so it doesn’t matter where in the UK you are located. You can choose to work when it suits you, as our client sessions can be delivered throughout the daytime, evenings or weekends. As you will be working at home or in a location of your choice, it is essential that you have your own PC or laptop, internet access, telephone and a space which is suitable to have confidential coaching discussions over the phone or video. 

Interested? To find out more email Zoe at:  

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Career coach

Career Coaching

Do you really want to quit? Or could you love your job again?

Career coaching: It’s not just for career change

It’s probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of career coaching; that you only need a career coach when you want help to change your career. And yes, absolutely, it can help you do that successfully. However, I work with many clients who often come to coaching because they are simply feeling unhappy at work and just want to fix it.  

Unhappy at work?

Clients may come to career coaching with a variety of problems. These work dilemmas could be caused by all sorts of factors. Sometimes it’s to do with people at work, sometimes it’s about work culture or fitting in, and in some cases it’s about tasks or responsibilities. Perhaps the way they feel they are being treated or responded to in the workplace is causing a problem, or quite often, individuals may not be able to quite put their finger on what is causing their unrest. 

This is where career coaching can help

Having a safe, confidential and impartial space to talk about what you are going through with a professional can help ease the burden tremendously. Through the coaching process you are able to unpack the issues and work through them. This means you can explore new approaches to tackle the problems. You can then discover and try out new ways forward to navigate through your challenges. 

Start to love your job again

Many times I see clients who have been thinking very seriously about leaving their job. Through career coaching they start to feel more in control, settled and happier at work. And ultimately they may discover they did not want to leave their job at all.

Of course, some individuals, given the appropriate time and space to explore their work challenges – in a balanced and objective manner, may decide it is time to move on. On the other hand, I see so many clients who have told me they are starting to love their job again after resolving their work dilemma through career coaching. 

I guess what I really wanted to explain here is that career coaching is not just about career change or getting a new role. It can definitely support you through difficult times at work. The aim is to help you find a new way forward to a happier work life, and yes, perhaps you too could start to love your job again!

If you would like to find out more about how career coaching can help you, we’d love to hear from you.

Author: Zoe Hendricks (MA CEd & C, RCDP MCDI)  

Founder & Lead Coach at WorkClever Careers

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Fancy a career change, but worried about the cost of retraining? We check out the government’s new Lifetime Skills Guarantee qualification offer.. And we think it’s pretty exciting..

Things appear to be looking rather rosy if you’re wanting to get qualified or retrain since the government launched qualifications you can do for free as part of the new Lifetime Skills Guarantee. 

But I’ll be honest, ever since the government announced they were putting together an offer to pay for adults in England to retrain, I did secretly wonder if there might be too many hoops to jump through or a list of eligibility criteria so complicated that most people would fall short of benefitting from it. However, having looked at what’s on offer, I have to say I’m feeling quite optimistic about the possibilities opening up for people of any age who are ready to retrain, career change or boost their job prospects, and all without the financial burden of the cost of qualification. What’s not to like?.. Here’s the low down on the new Lifetime Skills Guarantee qualification offer.. 

So, what’s the offer?

Until now, free college level study has only been available to the under 19’s (and in some cases under 25’s). The government has now opened up the free to study offer to all ages, so if you missed the boat the first time around, now’s the time to grab it back. You can study a full, accredited, level 3 qualification that’s fully funded by the government. 

What’s the catch?

There is no catch, but to be eligible for the funding you can’t have already completed a full level 3 qualification – not sure if you have a level 3 qualification? check here. There may be other eligibility requirements to get on a free course depending on what you want to study, but it looks like there are no means testing or benefits driven requirements to access the courses.   

What can I study?

A generous range of Level 3 courses have initially been launched from a credible selection of awarding bodies including AQA, AAT, NCFE, OCR, Pearson and many others, and over time more courses are likely to become available. Currently, there are over 400 free courses across England, covering different subjects, which include:

  • accounting and finance
  • agriculture
  • building and construction
  • business management
  • childcare and early years
  • digital
  • engineering
  • environmental conservation
  • health and social care
  • horticulture and forestry
  • manufacturing technologies
  • mathematics and statistics
  • medicine and dentistry
  • public services
  • science
  • teaching and lecturing
  • transportation operations and maintenance
  • warehousing and distribution

Will I need to go to college full-time?

Whilst many of the courses are likely to require attending a local college or training provider, according to the GOV website, some of the courses can be completed online or part-time, so it’s definitely worth checking out, even if you think a full-time course might be tricky for you.

How will I benefit from doing one of the courses?

The courses listed are included because the government has identified demands in the labour market that need to be filled and the qualifications on offer are selected to tie in with this, so are very much relevant. Of course, gaining a qualification is only part of the career progression jigsaw, but whether you’re after a new career or feel it’s time to progress at work, completing a level 3 accredited qualification can certainly help you on your way to achieving this. 

How do I find out more?

Have a look at the GOV website to find out more about what’s on offer and how to apply. Having looked through the list of training providers across England, the qualifications are being delivered by local colleges and training providers across the main regions of; East Midlands, East of England, London, North East, North West, South East, South West, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, so it’s likely there’s access to a training provider for most. 

My advice.. if you are ready to study and haven’t already completed a full level 3 accredited qualification, it’s certainly worth checking out what courses are available in your area. Good luck! 

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Free Online Courses: One of the most powerful things you can do today to boost your CV, job prospects and kick start your career change

Author: Zoe Hendricks (MA CEd & C, RCDP MCDI)

Just so you know, this is not an advert and I’m (unfortunately) not on any commission! I just want to share something with you that I’ve noticed is making a big impact for my clients, so here it is.. 

OK, I know you’re stuck in lockdown, maybe furloughed, out of work, or just plain fed up in  your job. Maybe you daydream about doing something completely different, imagining a career you think you could have done.. should have done.. if only you could turn back the clock.. Afterall, it would cost you too much to start learning new skills now, right?…. Wrong.

It costs nothing and you can start right away

I’m still surprised by the number of people I see who are in the dark about one of the most potent ways to supercharge your CV or gear up for a long awaited career change – and it costs absolutely nothing and you can start right away. 

I’m talking about the explosion of brilliant free courses available now online, often offered up by credible global organisations and universities. Upskilling, learning and education has never been easier, and done from the comfort of your sofa.

As a career coach, I often encourage clients to explore free online courses that might help them and I have noticed those who do take advantage often significantly improve their prospects through a boost to their knowledge, skills and confidence.

So exactly what can you study for free?

In terms of what you can learn, it’s pretty mind blowing. You can choose from a wide range of subjects, many of which are highly relevant to today’s job market, or could simply meet your needs for personal development, creativity or knowledge. 

I’ve been taking a look at some of the free courses being offered and there really are far too many to mention. However, to give you a flavour of what you can study for free, subjects include social care, psychology, health and education, or HR, marketing and business. Or maybe choose to skill up on languages, nature, history or the arts. Fancy studying science, maths, technology or perhaps society, politics and law. 

Maybe you’re interested in learning something specific such as Counselling Skills, Holistic Therapy, Engineering, Cyber Security or Artificial Intelligence, or want to boost your Leadership or People Management skills, or perhaps help young people in education, or better support those with mental health challenges. There’s Food and Nutrition, Financial Markets, Project Management courses.. and the list really does go on..

Are free courses good for career development?

There are some careers that demand specific, accredited qualifications, that’s a given. However, many of these free courses are designed to help you upskill, build your awareness or knowledge, or teach you new competencies that are in line with current demands in industry. Any course you decide to undertake not only builds your knowledge, but is a great addition to your CV or LinkedIn profile. It can demonstrate to a potential employer that you are interested and committed to developing your skills and knowledge in that area.

Let me ask you this, if you were responsible for interviewing someone for a job, and they’d just completed a course relevant to the job or the business, would you see this as a benefit? Of course you would!

It is also worth bearing in mind that some free courses offer a similar version to the paid for ‘accredited’ qualification, so you learn the same content. It is often the accreditation process that costs training providers, which you can end up paying for in the price of the course. 

Use free courses to explore career change

Another fantastic use for free courses is when you are exploring a career change, you can find out so much more about different careers or jobs you think may interest you. You might take a course and realise that particular career choice isn’t really for you.. Or perhaps you love what you are learning, which ignites that spark of inspiration and motivation you need to take the next steps.

Where do I find free online courses?

Feeling fired up to get started on learning something new? I’ve taken the hard work away for you and explored some of the current top course providers offering free courses right now, You can thank me later..

OpenLearn (Free learning from the Open University)

Reed (Jobs and online UK courses)

Future Learn (University and Industry expert courses)

Edx (Founded by Harvard University)

Alison (Free online courses from world leading experts 

Coursera (Courses from universities and businesses) 

UK Learns, Pearson (Leading educational organisation)

Oxford Home study (Home learning provider)

*A little tip: Some providers offer both free and paid for courses, but just search ‘free courses’ in the website search box to uncover all the free stuff.

Hope this has inspired you to have a go at a course, and don’t forget to add it to your CV, on your job applications, mention it in your next appraisal! It really is never too late to learn.  

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Making redundancies? How do you help employees on the way out?

It’s a tough time for HR. Every day we hear of more companies forced by the Coronavirus pandemic to reduce their workforce, make redundancies or furlough staff.  HR professionals are often at the coal face of difficult organisational change, rolling out challenging HR procedures and facilitating tricky, but necessary conversations with colleagues. This is the tough side to the profession, delivering bad news to those on the receiving end of redundancy or job change can be difficult to manage positively. A gloomy outlook on the current labour market can leave those affected uncertain of finding alternative employment.

To tackle this, career development experts at WorkClever Careers have launched a remote Employee Career Support Triage service in partnership with organisations, to pick up the critical personal support for employees at the point where the company has to leave.

A one-to-one video call with a qualified career coach, provides a friendly, professional ear and a qualified helping hand to offer timely and effective careers advice, guidance and information to affected individuals. Using a solution focused approach, Employee Career Support Triage helps employees to positively manage change to their personal work situation and is tailored to each individual to provides practical advice and guidance around coping with change and finding new work.   

An employee facing redundancy explains, “I was feeling quite down about losing my job, so this couldn’t have come at a better time – the session really helped me get things off my chest, put things into perspective and I do feel a lot more hopeful now. I found the job searching and CV advice very useful, as it’s been a while since I have had to look for another job”

Founder and Lead Coach at WorkClever Careers, Zoe Hendricks comments, “Helping employees on the way out can enable HR professionals to truly offer independent and professional support to those that need it. Businesses who support employees at this most vulnerable time can positively manage organisational workforce change and protect their valuable employer brand”.

Discover more about the Employee Career Support Triage service or contact 

WorkClever Careers provide expert careers advice, information, guidance and coaching for individuals who need to solve a career dilemma. If you are an individual who needs some careers support, find out more about how we can help you or get in touch now.

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WorkClever Launches Covid-19 Career Support Service for Employees

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, WorkClever Career Coaching have launched a career support service to help organisations positively manage unplanned career changes for their employees. 

It is, without doubt, an unsettling time for us all right now. Many people across the UK face job loss, work or financial uncertainty. Organisations at the coal face of this epidemic have been catapulted into sudden and unwanted situations, which left very little time to prepare. Many businesses have had little choice than to adapt very quickly to design and deliver workforce change, roll out redundancy initiatives or deal with the strange, twilight-zone-world of ‘furlough’.

Confused, uncertain and worried employees

People within these organisations are dealing with unexpected change to their work situation through furlough, redundancy or illness. Vulnerable employees in self isolation have no choice but to cut off from the safety of their colleagues and usual work environments. Many individuals are feeling confused, uncertain and worried about what lies ahead.

A friendly, listening ear and helping hand

To support these organisations and the people affected, WorkClever Careers are providing a career support service to enable businesses to offer an extra tier of support to employees facing change, uncertainty or redundancy.

The support service connects individuals through video or telephone with a professional career coach offering a friendly listening ear and helping hand, to provide a wellbeing check and careers information, advice, and guidance to address obstacles employees may encounter during periods of change at work. 

Organisations who offer this service can protect their employer brand, boost morale and support positive organisational change, whilst truly supporting employees who are left to cope with job change, redundancy or uncertainty.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help your organisation, contact us at: 

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Helping your kids to make good career decisions

As a mum of two boys – one at secondary school and the other at college, I understand how tough making decisions around what to do after they leave school can be for them. As luck would have it.. I’m a qualified careers adviser, so my two are particularly fortunate in that sense. However, if I didn’t do this job, I know I would have felt very unsure how to truly help them to understand all of their options and make well informed decisions. So, where do you start to support your kids with the right career advice? Here’s a link to a blog I wrote recently for Ideas4Careers, a fantastic organisation I am associated to in my work at secondary schools. Here, I suggest where you might want to start if you are keen to help your own children make good career decisions Read it now .

If you or your child are feeling a little unsure or stuck with leaving school, sixth form or college, or career and study choices, I do offer private careers advice and guidance sessions for your child or you (or both of you together).

In the session I help your child to:

  • Understand all of the education and career opportunities open to them and what they mean for their future career
  • Think about what to study and careers that may suit them based on their preferences, skills and interests
  • Know how to take effective next steps in applications to college, sixth form, apprenticeships or university
  • Make well considered, personalised and well-informed decisions about their career and education after leaving school (and as a parent, you feel confident that they can do this for themselves!)

Click here for more..


Special Giveaway for National Work Life Week 2019

*GIVEAWAY* *PRIZE DRAW* To celebrate National Work Life Week on 7th – 11th October, I am GIVING AWAY a career boosting, change making, one-to-one career coaching package, (which consists of 2 x full 1 hour career coaching sessions with me personally – to 3 lucky people – COMPLETELY FREE! With absolutely no obligation whatsoever 🙂 So if you are ready for change and one of these feels familiar to you:

*Feeling fed up at work and ready for something new, but don’t know where to start

*Looking for a job which offers you some kind of flexible working, but can’t see anything advertised

*Getting interviews… but not the job

* CV needs some TLC so it works harder to get you interviews

*Out of work and ready to get back on track

*Looking for promotion

*Want a happier work-life fit

Then click on the giveaway link below! What are you waiting for… Wishing you the best of luck! X  

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Top 10 job sites for flexible or part-time jobs

10 great job sites to find flexible or part-time jobs in the UK

It can be a tricky old game searching for decent part-time or flexible jobs. I fear there may be an art to avoiding the tidal wave of ‘work from home’ schemes you can be bombarded with… and no, we don’t all want be a ‘homebased client acquisition advisor’ either (obvs.. cold calling telesales).

So, I’ve come to the rescue and trawled through the chaos for you to find the top websites where you can find real/proper/good old fashioned employed part-time, flexible working and remote working (work from home) job adverts.. yay! Granted, there are 3 clear market leaders here, but even they do not make it easy for you to find yo flex… so I compiled a list of neat little links direct to the source of the vacancies… thank me later peeps..

Know of any other job sites that are flex friendly? Let me know and I’ll add it the list.

Sending positive vibes for the quest for flex.. love to hear how you get on.

Zoe #workclever


Calculate how much unpaid work you do at home.. Unless you are #MrsHinch, you might be surprised..

Fed by data from the Office for National Statistics, this handy little tool allows you to calculate the value in pounds and pence. Have a little go, it’s all good fun.. or is it? If you are a working mum, perhaps not.. the division of domestic labour still lies predominantly in your hands, with a recent survey showing 60% of women at work stating they are lead carer in the family, as opposed to only 7% of men at work (BITC, 2018). *sadface

Dads have the same rights to ‘flex’ at work as Mums, but it seems managing this balance is still largely reserved for women. WorkClever career coaching helps these women in particular, who can often feel stuck between needing flexibility for family life and wanting more job satisfaction and career reward .. find out more here..

Calculate the value of your unpaid work