School, College & Uni decisions

Are you at school, college or university and facing a career decision that you need help with? You may be a parent and want to help your child with these big decisions, but feel that you would like a professional to provide some qualified and informed career advice and guidance.

At School

Are you in year 10 or 11 and thinking about what you want to do next? Should you study A-Levels or a vocational course, can you do a mix of different courses? Where can you study? Is sixth form or college better? Should you consider an apprenticeship? What job might suit you? How can you start to make well informed career decisions? What will the decision you make today mean for you in a few years time? If you are feeling a little confused about what to do next and want to make sure you keep your options open to different career and work areas further on down the line, our professional and qualified career advisers will help you. We are educational professionals who also work in schools, colleges and universities and qualified to help guide you around the decisions you now face, so you can feel confident, excited and happy you are making good career choices.

At Sixth Form or College

You may be studying for A-Levels or undertaking a vocational course and thinking about what’s next. You may have started your study and it is not working out for you the way you had hoped. Are you thinking about your options such as Uni, Apprenticeship, or Work? Perhaps you are ready to start applying for work or university and would like some help, or you want to get a great CV together. You might be getting interviews but feel worried about how to handle them. If you need help with your next steps, our professional career coaches and employability consultants are experts in helping you become well informed, so you can move forward with confidence with the career decisions you make for your next steps. 

Work and Apprenticeships

Your first steps into the world of work can feel like a challenge. We will help you get your CV on point and feel confident about where to look for apprenticeship or work opportunities and how to apply and interview to be successful. We will provide you with professional careers and employability advice and guidance to help give yourself the very best chance of stepping into a career that is perfect for you.


Are you looking to apply to university and not sure what course to pick? Are you worried about achieving the right grades? Or are you having second thoughts about uni altogether? Perhaps you are graduating soon and still not sure what’s next for you. We can help you with your next steps and our professional career coaches are qualified education and employability specialists who will help you become well informed and take control, so you can choose what to do next with ease and confidence and excited about your future. 

Price per session

£75 per 1 x hour session

Face to Face

Local home visits in the Derby and Nottingham area available, or meet at Derby office.


You can choose to have your session over Skype or Facetime.

Telephone or Email

The session can be a combination of a telephone call and email advice.