Career Coaching Services

What can career coaching services do for you?

A career coach is qualified to have professional and effective career conversations with you, which positively influence your understanding, behaviour and progress. The career coaching service is unique to you and the coaching conversation responds directly to your needs, challenges and goals.

The key to your career coaching success is the impact the conversations have on you. Think of it like this.. if the coaching conversation hadn’t have happened, would you have the benefits in your thinking, motivation, action and progress within that timeframe? We know the answer is always ‘No’.

In addition, you are at the centre of every coaching conversation and you are number one in the interaction. Subsequently, the coaching relationship between you and your career coach is always geared around your needs, goals, motivations and ambition. What this actually means is the progress and changes you make feel perfect for you.

Career Coaching Services

Because we know each person is unique, your career coaching sessions will reflect this in the style of coaching, tools and techniques used to help you. To give you a little insight, here are some key areas of the career coaching services.

Career Advice

Career advice with a professional, qualified and registered career coach

We provide you with professional, one to one career advice to help you assess your needs. This means you will gain clarity on your career options so you can plan and take action to move on. If you are unsure what you want to do next, we help you identify your ideal career. This can be done through a career assessment of personal preferences, skills, interests and values. We then help you link them in a meaningful way to your career needs. More about career advice..    

Career Coaching

Career coaching is the professional method, process and techniques used to help you move forward in a clear and well informed direction. Coaching outcomes are aimed at helping you feel ready to progress and to take action. Whatever your career dilemma, our career coaching services will help you to break down the things you want to achieve into practical, manageable chunks. More about career coaching..

Job Hunting

Discover clever and effective ways to find new job opportunities. Particularly, how to explore the hidden jobs market, getting you connected to jobs opportunities before other candidates. We will help you to develop your CV and job application approaches, which in turn can get you interviews for the jobs you really want.  More on job hunting..

Career Management

You may be ready for your next step and looking for promotion. Perhaps you want to increase your salary. Maybe you are ready to switch career into new role or sector, that will enable better career progression. We will help you explore your career ambitions. And guide you to create a working plan of action. Chiefly, to move on, up or out of your current career situation and to fire up your work life and achieve the career you want. More on career management..


We help you positively navigate the journey out of redundancy. For example, really taking the opportunity to discover new career, work or lifestyle horizons. Moreover, identify your transferable skill set and reveal new directions and choice. Redundancy can often provide you with the perfect time make changes to your working life, in turn, leading you to more reward and fulfilment. More on redundancy..

Change your career

If you are ready for a change of career and unsure where to start or how to go about it, we will help you! Get ready to discover and explore new career areas that light you up. In short, we will carry out a career assessment of your personality preferences, skills, interests and values. Them, help you to identify your ideal career, which means you can take realistic and manageable steps to switch to your brand new career. More on career change..

Career Gaps

If you have gaps in your work history, we will help you market your strengths and design a CV so your career gaps do not put you on the back foot. Perhaps you have been out of work, let us help you rediscover your skills, attributes and confidence to find a new job you feel great about. We want you to create a strong personal brand and develop your interview techniques to ensure you give yourself the advantage. Get ready to get the perfect job for you. More on career change..

Flexible working

Looking for your next flexible job and feeling a little frustrated? Specifically, the lack of job ads offer any flexibility. Maybe you want to find a better work-life fit, but equally you need to keep your career on track? Your career coach will help you discover clever and effective job search techniques. Subsequently you will uncover more flexible job opportunities than you thought possible. In fact, we can help you to negotiate for flexible hours with an existing employer or show you how to successfully apply for a full-time job and get flexible working from day one. More on flexible work coaching..

Career and Labour Market Information

Do you know what jobs are currently out there that might interest you ? Or what free training or development courses you could do to boost your career? What kind of work might suit your personality? Do you have questions about where to look to find the right careers information you need to make the right choices? Your qualified careers adviser will answer any questions you have about work, career and your training options, so you can find all the right tools, information and support you need to make well informed and successful career decisions. More on career information..