Career Gap Coaching

OK, so you are ready to return to work. You may have been out of work for a while. Perhaps you have experienced a period of ill health or have taken a career break to attend to other life responsibilities or maybe you have taken a well earned break from your working life. We understand there are many reasons why you may have had time away from work. We also know that the gaps left on your CV, and often in your self confidence, may impact your success in getting interviews and jobs. Regardless of the reason for the break, career gap coaching will help you to overcome barriers and show you how to demonstrate your value, skills and experience again to help smooth your work history. Also, we will provide you with effective guidance on CV design to help you fill the gaps.

Just because you have had a period of time out of the workplace, doesn’t mean you cannot get back on track. If you are returning to work after some time off, you can feel overwhelmed by the demands placed on you by the UK recruitment system. But don’t let this phase you, career gap coaching can help you. In fact we will show you exactly how to build up your career capital even before you apply for a job. Learn savvy, effective jobs search, CV and interview techniques to fire up your confidence and attract the right response from potential employers to get you your next new job.